These color schemes are for PHPStorm 2.x. They are (to my knowledge) complete for every language PHPStorm supports. 

The original documentation about the Solarized color schemes can be found here:

I recommend using the font "Inconsolata" with this color scheme.

A replication of the syntax scheme for PHP, JS and HTML from Notepad2

ST2 Monokai theme lookalike

Converted Textmate theme.

Sublime Text 2’s Monokai for most Jetbrains IDEs.
Under development:

A simple dark PhpStorm color scheme inspired to Visual Studio 2012.

Optimized for readability, looks awesome with the Consolas font.

Solarized color scheme for Jetbrains PhpStorm 5.0

Original Solarized color scheme developed by Ethan Schoonover. Adapted for Jetbrains PhpStorm and tested for all supported languages.